I went to Google last night for dinner with Adam.  It was really nice to sit down and talk about his plans with planes and trips.  He is an adventurer and cares much more about life than work.  I admire him in that respect, and hope to learn from him about it.  I also hope to learn from him when he starts to build his plane in February.  I’ll help him out no matter what else I’m doing, but the degree to which I can help is questionable.  After having dinner we went back to my place and played a few rounds of Gauntlet of Fools.  We each won a few and had a good time doing it.  We messed up a little bit of the iconography, but it didn’t matter too much in the end.  With just the two of us it tended to be that the gimped adventurer would be the one to lose, but it was still very enjoyable.