On Wednesday I went to Ryan’s PhD defense and it was very interesting.  He did some experiments on the mid water column in Monterrey Bay and used that plus some other measurements to create a generic, mid-water-column flow model.  It had a lot of points that I didn’t understand that well, but it all seemed very interesting and cool.  I was glad to get to show up an listen.  It was also nice to see Liana again and hear about her decisions.  Michael and I hung around until Ryan got out of the review and congratulated him on the successful defense.  Michael and I stopped by Ikes for dinner and chatted about all sorts of things after that, but mainly Wheel of Time.  I realized that there were a lot of details that I missed, and names I don’t remember.  That is pretty normal for me, and Michael knows a lot of them because of his forums activities on the subject and not necessarily the first read through itself.