This was a very interesting and fun game.  Chris taught it and Tina ran the show, with Michael and Derrick joining in.  I went for a heavy hitting strategy that turned out to do quite well.  I pulled the paladin in the second round and managed to destroy him and most of the hard characters.  I was lucky in that I had a lot finer control over what heroes I would be facing, so I avoided the thieves.  Without thieves I was able to do mostly full damage, and pull the healers to destroy them.  The wizards didn’t do too much against me, so I was able to get away unscathed from them, and the paladin fell the first round against my dragon and troll.  I look forward to playing the game again.  I ended up winning by a decent margin.  I may have lost if I was going with the extra stuff Tina was playing with, but might have been able to take care of it.

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