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Attack on Titan

Steph and I have started watching a decent anime called “Attack on Titan” at the suggestion of Andrew.  I like it so far, but the premise has some really strange parts to it.  There are these nearly invincible giants called Titans that eat humans, but they are also idiots and naked.  The only part that makes them scary is their size, strength, and speed.  I find it funny how often these things sneak up on the main characters, like they would be sneaky at all.

Link to Crunchyroll for the videos

A Relaxing Sunday Evening

We watched the Venture Brothers for much of the Afternoon and Evening.  Nick was the person that was there the whole time, but a few others came and went.  Riley and Rong came by for about 4 hours and hung out.  Nick was nice enough to cook out and provide some dinner of hot dogs wrapped in bacon and burgers.  I put orange sauce on everything and it was delicious.  There were a few episodes of Venture Brothers that I hadn’t seen that were pretty interesting.  I of course liked seeing the new one.  The last few have had more plot than I had previously expected from the series.  Adam came over and we talked about his time in Vegas, building planes, finding a place to live in the South Bay, and a little bit about companies and programming. I am going to try to learn everything I can from him.  Even though he isn’t the person that I’d model my life after, he has a lot of experiences that I’d like to learn from without having to go through them myself.

Game of Thrones S3E10

Today was the season Finale of Game of Thrones Season 3.  It was pretty much what I expected from the season finale.  They closed up a few loose ends, and set up for next season.  Nothing really happened, but they hinted at a lot of what was about to happen.  There was some foreshadowing, but I’m not sure if it is real or not since it doesn’t seem to fit at all the way things happen in the books.  I’ll just have to wait and see I suppose, and what a long wait it will be.

We went over to Tony and Elizabeth’s place for the viewing tonight and we had some burgers and mead.  We are thinking of continuing the Sunday night get togethers, but over Venture Brothers now.  It won’t be quite the same, but still should be a good time.  I won’t be able to make the next 3 no matter what.  Nick won’t be able to make next week either, so it is like that they won’t be happening again for a while.  I’d like to keep in touch with Simon, since he is a really fun and smart guy.  It is interesting how he hides his intelligence, which is a characteristic I see a lot from smart guys in the south.

Game of Thrones S3E9

This was a great episode, with the capture of Yunkai, the Red Wedding, and John Snows escape back to the Night’s Watch.  There were a few changes made to the stories that simplified things again, but I didn’t mind most of them.  The inclusion of Jane on the Red Wedding was a little odd though.  It will be interesting to see if they make the next episode a lot of wrap up pieces or if they go for some more of the majore plot points.

Game of Thrones S3E8

This was a great episode!  So much actually happened, and finally Sam is the Slayer.  I’m looking forward to next season, but it is going to be such a long time.  I’m wondering if the wedding is going to be the end of the season the same way Ed Stark’s beheading was the end of the first.

Game of Thrones S3E7

I really enjoyed this episode, and it made a lot of movements forward in the plots.  We went over to Simon, Josh, and Trey’s.  Simon’s friends were there and cooked some amazing garlic bread, giant cookie, baked brie, and pasta.  I had a tasty cup of Bailey’s for watching the episode

Game of Thrones S3E6

This went wayyyyy off book, and I’m really interested to see where they take some of the lines that they took irreparably off the book.  Gendry, Sansa, and Little Finger were the ones who went way off book.  This makes the TV series so much more interesting, since it isn’t following the books exactly.  I don’t know what is coming next and that is exciting.  I’m going to really enjoy the next few episodes of the story.

I got some nice beer and cider for the viewing, and Nick made some really tasty taco makings.  I got the bottles that are readily resealable and paid Trey to get some more next time.

We were joined by Trey, Simon, Nick, Steph, Tony, and Jamie.  Riley came over afterwards to watch Once Upon a Time with us.

Game of Thrones S3E5

We went to Tony’s place tonight.  The episode was fantastic, and it is getting into the really nice stuff.  The Hound fought for his life, John Snow got it on.  I really liked the episode.  Tony and Elizabeth made some really amazing homemade pizza.

Game of Thrones S3E4

This was a nice episode and some really cool things happened in it.  They are still changing parts of the book so that fewer characters are needed.  Some of the changes are really nice, some are a little strange.  They also added in a part about Varys that was really disturbing, but endeared him to me in a really strange way.

Simon hosted the night and made some really amazing food.  He got most of the base food from Fresh and Easy, but then included in it lots of more spicing that was really good.  We are going to be hosting next week and I’ll have to pick up something that will be really tasty, but I can prepare after we get home from sailing.

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