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Paint Nite – Jelly Fish

Stephanie took me to a Paint Nite as her Christmas gift to me.  It was at the Backyard coffee close by where we live.  We got there, and the walk was pretty chilly, so we both got big hot chocolates.  It was tasty, and I noticed Redwood Coast Cider was on tap.  We got started and I found some reference photos for putting some kelp in the background and for the jelly.  I chose the ones I’m most familiar with, the sea nettles that I see in Monterey Bay.

Karaoke and Board Games

George hosted a holiday themed karaoke night on Friday.  Steph and I joined everyone for dinner beforehand at Pho Vy.  We got there with George, Adam, and Tina.  Then the holiday spirit arrived with Debby, Lindsay, Kevin, and Andrew wearing horrible holiday sweaters.

After dinner we headed to George’s to start the karaoke.  I put on a few of my favorite Christmas songs.  I like that many of the Christmas songs are for baritones, making it much easier for me to sing.  The ones I ended up singing were, ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,’ ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire,’ ‘You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch,’ and ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’

We also ended up pulling out some board games.  Adam, Tina, Steph, and I played Terraforming Mars.  I got a good start, but Adam pulled way out ahead with the milestones.  Kevin, Steph, and I also played a round of Mysterium, and did really, really badly.


Newlywed Game

Steph and I joined Andrew/Debby, Lindsay/Kevin, Jamie/Leyan, and a couple from Lindsay’s former job for the newlywed game.  Lindsay and Kevin’s roommate did the hosting job for us, and did much better than the previous two.  We had a good time, and the food was amazing.  We probably brought the worst showing, but only because everyone else brought phenomenal food.

Steph and I ended up losing the game.  Lindsay and Kevin ended up winning. There were a lot of really open ended questions, and I always go way too off the beaten path for those.  I look forward to playing again next year!

Cooking at Irene’s

Sunday we met Irene at the MTV farmers market and got some tasty food.  We then went back to her place to cook it and watch some Rick and Morty.

Stephanie and I enjoyed the time we got to spend with Irene and her cousin.  They are really nice people and we need to find more common interests that let us hang out with them.

Rancho San Antonio

I did a hike on Wednesday, since I couldn’t concentrate, and decided to go to Rancho San Antonio.  Since I got there mid-day there was almost nobody there.  As I was leaving some people started showing up and the parking lot was getting a little full.  On the hike I saw lots of lizards, a hawk, a tall bird I couldn’t identify, and a few really fat ground squirrels.  I walked by the farm and saw a pig in a mud puddle; it made me happy.

Escape the Mysterious Room

Ryan, Liana, Caryn and I did an escape room together, with 7 people we didn’t know.  We had a good go at it, with a time of 41 minutes.  It was one of the faster times, and had we found one of the clues earlier we could have had the fastest time on it.  I had a ton of fun, and our group did most of the solving of puzzles.

We then went to a beer garden and had a drink and dinner before heading home.  Nima joined us part way through the dinner and we chatted about all sorts of things, but mainly job search stuff.

Eaton Park

I had a good hike through Eaton Park Saturday morning.  The temperature and weather were perfect.  I had a bit of a harder time getting to the park than I expected.  I knew that there were hills on the way, but I didn’t think they would be as steep as they ended up being.  The motor on my electric bike couldn’t handle them so I was peddling pretty hard.

I was surprised the views were so good with such a small hill.  At the top there was a labyrinth made of bricks, which I found surprising.  I hiked the loop around the park and headed out.  I noticed lots of yellow jackets buzzing around, so I’ll probably not go back on my own.

Wedding Celebration

I went to Nick’s wedding celebration in the Mission in SF.  He had it at an adorable brewpub and restaurant called Southpaw BBQ & Brewery.  The only person there, besides Nick, that I knew well was Brian.  I talked with him for most of the time, and got to talk to Eric and Andrea for a while as well.  I had to leave early to make it back to my house to host book club, but I enjoyed the time I spent there.

Saturday Hike

We went hiking with Steph’s coworkers and SO’s (Kaijen, Michael, Pete, and Julie).  We went up to Windy Hill, and thankfully this time there wasn’t rain.  We also started at the bottom, which was easier to get to as we didn’t have to drive on Old La Honda.  I hate that road, and usually drive further to get to La Honda so I don’t have to deal with the one lane, blind corners, and bikers everywhere.  The temperature was perfect, and there was lots of sun, which we were prepared for.  As per usual I was faster going uphill than most of the others, but much slower going downhill.  The knee brace I’ve been using helps a ton, but I’m still careful when going down.

After the hike we went to Rong’s place to watch Akira and My Neighbor Totoro with her and Riley.

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