For Irene’s last day in London we planned on going to her place for an afternoon tea. We stopped by the market and grabbed some pastries and fries. I brought over some pears, and Steph also grabbed some mochi. The food courts in Camden that had been closed most every time we walked by were open and we grabbed some mochi as well. Armed with that we met up at Irene’s. We had Dishoom recipe chai with some of her other local friends. These friends I think we got along with better, but they were somewhat jet lagged from getting back from Thailand.

I ate entirely too much as it was all so tasty, then I had to get back really fast as I was due to give some stuff away to clear up some space in our flat. This was stuff the previous tenant had left as part of us buying stuff off her as she left. Irene came to our place later and hung out while we finished our weekend chores. I called my parents, we finished filling out Christmas cards, and I delivered the bed to the guy who wanted it.

The day was cold and foggy, and that evening it began to snow. The next morning I braved the snow to go to a workout class and got some great pictures. I’d guess it was a little over 2 inches of snow.

I took some time the next morning to hang out with Steph and the kitties. I worked from home in the morning, not making it into work until after a noon yoga class. The kitties were so cute waiting to be fed, they self organized onto the shelves.

We tried a new yoga teacher from Better, and I liked the class much more. I also grabbed a number of plants from Waitrose, which we can use to cook, or to just have some more plants. I’m not sure how well they will grow, but it is worth a try.

Steph and I went to an escape room, Plan 52 by ClueQuest. We managed to escape with 5 minutes remaining, but needed 4 clues, mainly for where things were secreted away. Some of the items were very well hidden. The room manager said the typical number of clues needed was 12 and that we did very well. They have 3 other rooms and I think we’d want to do the rest of them. Two of the rooms require at least 3, so we’ll have to make some friends.

Thursday Steph and I had our first taste of Indian food since we’d gotten to London. It was amazing, and the breads we are used to being small bites were as big as my head. I got to the area a little early and walked around Covent Garden before dinner at Sagar.

We went to the Postal Museum which was much better than I’d expected. They had two buildings, one for the regular museum, and the other for the mail rail. It was really cool to see it all, and get a glimpse into how mail started to be sent and became a government agency. Most of the museums for things like this in the US start with an assumption of, “of course we need it to be like the other countries.” In this case they didn’t start with that assumption of “of course” but instead explained how everything started and the motivations behind each step of the mail system expanding.

Steph and I decided to head a little north on Saturday, to Hampstead Heath, a large nature park. The heath is the largest park near us, and we can easily get there on the norther line. It was gorgeous with the ice and snow, but also slippery. I was amazed runners were able to run up and down some of those hills because they were packed snow and ice. I only saw one person slip and fall, and I was expecting a lot more people to fall. Steph and I each had a few close calls. Once comically at the same time and we could have had a hallmark moment of slipping and falling together. We walked all over the heath then went to a small old pub, Old Bull and Bush. They had some decent drinks and a sticky toffee pudding that was really good.

After the bit of food we headed to Kenwood House for the Christmas lights display. They had a lot of interesting alternative light displays, but very few of the traditional string lights. It was about a 20 minute stroll around the grounds.

Then we headed back to our place to play the latest Demeo campaign with Adam and Tina. We got the boss down to 20 health, which we probably could have finished with another turn of attacks on him.

We had hoped to spend the weekend unpacking the air shipment, but unfortunately that won’t be coming until Monday. I’ll do some shopping today to get more things we’ll need long term. We’ll unpack Monday night and get more settled before jetting off to Prague.