End of the day on Sunday we had our book club meeting. It was great to see the familiar faces and have that consistency. We discussed the book The Lost Alchemist and chose to read Napoleon’s Buttons for December.

Steph by the fountains in Granary Square, all lit up

Steph and I started out the week by trying to find some of the home items that we needed, especially for storage in our new place. We found some chains online, but they tended to be pretty far outside the city and/or expensive. I knew there would be places nearby, but the little shops with lots of different home goods were hard to find online. We managed to find a place on google that had a few pictures, and those showed that they had mostly what we needed.

Tuesday morning we headed to Better in King’s Cross for some yoga. It has a nice workout area, but I think I prefer the classes at Frame to the class at Better. I’ll probably continue to mix and match the two locations.

Steph and I went to the close by theatre, Everyman, to watch Wakanda Forever. I rather liked the film, although the plot and character actions were not as well thought through as some of the other Marvel films. There were too many instances where characters had strange motivations or did things that made no sense.

We had a lovely morning walk around the neighborhood hitting up the local parks. We stopped by the St. Pancras Old Church Yard, then headed to the Camley Street Natural Park. Despite it being winter the parks were still quite nice to walk through.

We also dropped into Coal Drop Yards and looked at what shops they had. There was an interesting tea place, and the plant shop didn’t seem to have as many plants as I’d expect. We were pretty early in the morning so nothing was really open yet.

We then dropped by the Canal Museum, which is just a 30 second walk from our apartment. It was cute and interesting, but the kind of place we only need to see once. That is done now and we’ll have to find all the other cute interesting museums to stop by on weekday mornings. One important thing I learned from the museum is that SUPs are allowed in the canals at some points at least. They had pictures of people paddle boarding in the canals.

I went into work for some of the end of year festivities, which were scheduled quite early due to people leaving on holiday soon. We played a beat saber tournament, but it only had a few entrants.

The kitties are also doing great. I noticed that Archer chipped a tooth, and I think it was from when he snuck under a mattress I was moving and got squashed down pretty hard. He found a hiding spot that was too good and we had to block it off with some tape and cardboard. They seem to be pretty comfortable and are doing well otherwise. They are also causing all sorts of trouble. I had a decent workday until Archer was getting hungry. He opened the office door which was fine, but then he jumped up onto the desk and knocked my cuppa onto the computer. I set it out to dry overnight, but it still wouldn’t start. He can be a bad kitty sometimes.

We had dinner with Irene again, and had a quick walk around Camden. It was late enough that the market was closed, but we got to see some of the more interesting buildings and walked along the canal for a bit. We brought over some food and she cooked some for us. We will miss her when she leaves.

Steph and I were getting cold on our walks so I decided it was time to get some more cold weather gear. The closest affordable place that had an online presence was H&M. The other stores in St. Pancras Station were very expensive. I got a nice hat, a scarf, and some gloves. I decided to go with an English look.

At work when I went down for dinner they had a small holiday part going on. I decided to stop for an extra 20 minutes and make an ice sculpture. It was supposed to be a polar bear, but I think mine looked more like a hippo. I don’t feel too bad about it as I made it a lot further than anyone else.

Steph and I finally got around to our celebratory welcome dinner at Coal Office. It was nice, but way too loud for me. After dinner I took a walk to St. Pancras to see the Christmas tree. It was pretty neat with all the London landmarks. Any other tree would have had the clock tower at the top be Big Ben, but this one had Big Ben halfway up and the St. Pancras clocktower at the top. They also had the birdcage at King’s Cross lit up, which it hadn’t been every time we’d walked by before. Unfortunately when we walked by the fountains they seem to have been drained, probably for winter.

We met Irene and some of her friends at the covered market by Waitrose, which was really nice. They are interesting people, and have done a lot. Some of their recommendations matched some I’ve gotten from coworkers as well. Then we tried to go to the Postal Museum, but they were full. Next time we’ll get a reservation.

We went over to Irene’s again for dinner/desert. We first walked around the Camden Market, and it was interesting. They had all sorts of goods and food crammed into narrow alleys. Much of it was unique and interesting, unlike many other tourist trappy areas I’ve been to. There seemed to be a small markup for being there, but nothing too bad. It was nice and quiet, as everyone was getting ready for the England – France world cup game. We watched over dinner and Irene and I watched some youtube together after Steph went back to do a martial arts Zoom class.