After getting back from Bath, Steph and I grabbed our luggage from the excess luggage counter with 80 seconds to spare before the 48 hours had elapsed and we would be charged for a third day.  We grabbed a taxi into the heart of London, mainly because I wanted to ride in a Taxi while in London at some point, and it can be a pain to move around the Underground with large luggage.  We got to the Rathbone and it was a lovely hotel in a fantastic spot.  They had our rooms ready despite checking in around 10am, and we took some time to settle in.  We then walked around central London, and saw all the major sights.  We had tea at The Library and had a evening of work.

The next few days I worked while Steph went to some of the other museums during the day.

On Friday we had a day in the British Museum.  We hit the highlights of the Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles, Egypt, and the Ancient Wonders.  We also stopped by the clock room as that is one of my favorites.  I see the old clocks as one of the best examples of historical machinery and many of the clocks that are put on display have some kind of automation to the striking or ticking.  The clocks were next to the Sutton Hoo exhibit, which Steph and I had seen a documentary on.  Steph was impressed at the intricate detail in the gold work for the jewelry, which was much smaller than it appeared on the show.

We did a wizard themed afternoon tea, which was unique but not really targeted for us.

Saturday we made our way out to Hampton Court Palace and spent the day taking a tour of the palace and a walk through the gardens there.  Steph enjoyed seeing the palace and watched videos on it for the next few days.  We got to see a lot of art that was displayed there as well, although not the pieces Steph was most looking forward to.  We also got to experience a proper hedge maze, which was a lovely and singular experience.  We didn’t get caught in any wrong turns, and made it trough without any issue.  Our biggest disappointment with the palace was that the kitchen display was only two pieces of roasting meat.

Sunday’s plans for Blenheim Palace got interrupted by the tour company cancelling.  We were looking forward to seeing a proper joust there, but it seems that they didn’t have enough interest to run the trip.  We instead went back to the British Museum and saw much of the rest of it, although still not all.

The next morning we were on our way to the airport with no real issues or delays.  It was nice to be back home with the kitties.