The Langham

This afternoon tea was probably the best food of the teas, and the environment was very nice.  The only downside was it was in the center of the building, thus didn’t have any views or much natural light.  I was amused as it drifted towards evening that they brought in some faux candles to light the tables, even though the light that we had was already coming from the electricity instead of the outside.  They had some really amazing sandwiches, which Steph got a second helping of.  There was some excellent live music on piano, that was playing covers of pop music.  The tea selection was also one of the best, and I really enjoyed the whole experience.

The Pump Room, Bath

The Pump Room is in the building that houses the old Roman baths in Bath.  This room is used in many period pieces as a meeting room, as it is picturesque and immediately recognizable.  The food was very good, and the second best of the trip.  The tea was also good, but nothing special.  We enjoyed touring the baths afterwards and the live music.

The Library

The Library was a place we expected to be a good spot for a quiet afternoon tea.  The young child that was at the table next to us made that not the case for the first half of our experience.  The food was decent and the tea was the best of the trip.  I also think the atmosphere, minus the child, and view was the most to my liking of all the places we had afternoon tea.  The view out over the River Thames to see Big Ben was unique, and a highlight of the experience.  I was amused by the haphazard placement of old books around the shelves that surround you.  There were some encyclopedias next to medical journals that then had some Shakespear and accounting books on the same shelf.  It felt like they had purchased old books in bulk, and mixed them up for some variety on the shelves.

The Woseley

Steph went to this while I was stuck at work one day.  She said it was excellent, hold for another young child that was being loud.  She noted that the father was the one taking care of it instead of the mother, who got to enjoy her afternoon tea.  Steph thought the environment and food was top notch.

The Wizard Experience

This experience, that was in no way connected with Harry Potter, despite being just around the corner from the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theater was interesting, but not really worth it.  It was clear that much of the setup was for either superfans of Harry Potter or younger children.  They had some well done mechanisms and triggers, but the overall experience was a little lacking.  I still enjoyed it, but it was at the bottom of the list for afternoon teas by a large margin.