During shelter in place there hasn’t been much going on in my personal life.

Professionally, I got a new job, which I love. The latest game I worked on came out on PSVR.

I’ve been playing lots of games on Boardgamearena.com and Tabletop Simulator. I’ve enjoyed playing there, but it isn’t the same as in person. I’ve continued reading a lot and breezed through the latest Stormlight Archive from Sanderson.

I’ve been doing a lot of gardening, including putting in a trellis with a wisteria. I plan to grow the wisteria up to the top of the trellis and put a bench underneath.

I’ve done some chores around the house I’ve been meaning to do like changing the locks on the gate and cleaning the solar panels. The panels especially needed cleaning after the heavily ashy days.

I’ve been playing a lot of VR games and enjoying them. Nothing has stood out that much recently. I still like the basics of In Death and Beat Saber.