We had a decent sized group head to Adam’s new place in Kanab, Utah for the week of Thanksgiving. Paul and Yutong came and picked Steph and me up, and make the 12 hour drive. The other car, Tim, Amit, and Tina, headed out slightly after us. We had all been self quarunteeing and got Covid tests before leaving. Some of the results hadn’t come back by the time we left, but by the time we got there we had the results, negative.

The drive was pretty uneventful, but took a little over 12 hours. We got in a little after dark, and brough in all the food and games. The other car arrived a few hours after us, and we settled in. The house is very nice. Steph and I were in one of the top floor bedrooms, with Paul and Yutong in the other.

Here are some views of the house. Zillow Listing

Behind the house was BLM land, and the second day we went up the mountain behind his house. I made it to the second from the top cliff with most of the group. Amit and Tim, being the climbers, made it part way up the top cliff. We came back to the house and people were cooking and playing games.

Some of the great meals were had over the week were dumplings made by Yutong, mac and cheese by Steph, fesh pasta and meatballs by Yutong with a nice white sauce by Adam, A pot pie by Tina, a turkey by Adam, butternut squash curry, sourdough by Tim, cornbread by Steph, devilled eggs by Yutong, and breakfasts by Adam.

We played a lot of board games. One play of Mage Knight, three times through Terraforming Mars, and two plays of Feast for Odin. We also played a lot of party games like 25 Words or Less and One Word. The One Word game was especially good, and we played it repeadedly and in different ways.

We went on a few hikes, all of which were nice. We headed up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and did the highest point there. It was a cold windy day, so we didn’t hike for too long. We also walked aroundt he lodge, which was closed for the season. Another hike was through a small, easily accessable slot canyon. We also climed a second mountain near where Adam is living. On that hike we saw some petroglyphs and dinosaur footprint fossils.

It was an amazing time, and Adam was a great host. It was so nice to get to hang out with people again