Linday and Kevin joined Steph and I at Sandbox VR in the Hillsdale mall for one of their new experiences, Star Trek Discovery Away Team.  It was one of the better produced experiences.  The tech being used isn’t the best, so there was a good bit of latency on 6dof movement.  This made it better to stand in one place instead of moving around.  They also broke some of the things I consider to be core rules of VR, like you don’t have your player fall.

Lindsay and Kevin didn’t particularly like the experience, but were good sports about it.  Kevin was getting VR sick from the bad latency, and the gear they had us in was just uncomfortable.  The Void is probably a better experience, and I’ll be organizing some outings to it once the Westfield Valley Fair mall.

After VR we had a great dinner and conversation at the food court.  We had more of the jiggly cheesecake and some tasty ramen.