I’ve been playing a good number of games lately and haven’t talked about them so I thought I point out a few highlights.

On the left is a strange game of Terraforming Mars we played with Yutong, Adam, Haru and myself.  The game almost covered all of Mars, which is not usually the case.  People were getting way behind on actually finishing the goals of the game.  I had a good time, but didn’t do well on the points.  Haru and Yutong got good point engines in cards, and with the game going on longer they ended up getting more points from that.  I also didn’t do any cities despite putting down 17 greeneries.

In the center was a great start to a game of Castles of Mad King Ludwig.  It was very compact with all of them hitting double slots.  I was really happy with the look and feel of the castle in this game, but the points didn’t work out in the end.

On the right I was playing a round of Betrayal Legacy.  The character I had was topping out on almost all stats.  The game was mine to lose, and I made a critical mistake on the last turn and also got a bad roll.  I could have won it if I had been a bit more meticulous, but It was still a lot of fun.  Playing optimally on that scenario wouldn’t have been much fun for anyone.