We had a group head to SF to play one of the Palace Escape Games.  We had done one previously that was great, the Houdini Room.  This time we had a group for the Edison Room.  We got there pretty early, as we were expecting much worse traffic from the SF Marathon.  We first had brunch at Causwells, which was really tasty.

We headed over to the Palace of Fine Arts, which was nice to walk around, and then we got to the room.  It was really well done.  The touch sensitive floor was especially interesting.  I didn’t like some of the more active game parts that weren’t puzzles.  They still had their place.  We only got a little stuck at one point on some combo locks, but eventually got past that part.  We struggled with the active touch floor segments, and lost a lot of time there.  Overall I was happy with our performance, and I think everyone had a good time.  We made it out with a little over 20 minutes to spare.  I look forward to doing the Rosevelt Room.