Lindsay organized a camping trip to Big Basin.  This year it was just the three of us for Friday night and then Steph joined us on Saturday.  We didn’t do much hiking, but we did get a good bit of MTG in; 25 games in total.  We had a lot of fun playing some spades as well.  The highlight of the evening was the campfire and cooking.  I combined both on Friday night with a steak cooked directly over the flame.  It was pretty good, despite being dropped into the fire as I tried to pull it off the grill.  We made smores both nights and they were tasty.  We found a rogue flaming hot Cheeto, making us thing that Debby was there in spirit.  The mosquitos were pretty bad, especially Friday evening.  While playing magic I was bitten through my shirt at least 30 times.  I had a few small constellations on my back in red dots.