Michael stayed with me for a few days before he got his summer housing at Stanford.  The first night he got in we talked a bit, but book club was coming over so he hid away while that was going on.  It wasn’t the best discussion because The Professor and the Madman didn’t have any deep topics that were particularly interesting.  We had also talked a lot about the control of language when discussing 1984 the month prior.

Wednesday we had dinner at Tapt and then went to George’s for board games.  We played Sol which is a good game, despite not being explained well.  The game ended sooner than I expected, so I was way behind in points.  Michael did a points first strategy that won him the game handily.

Thursday we did a ton of cooking, and Michael helped chop a lot of it.  We cooked egg muffins, shakshuka, garlic ginger chicken, and sliced a lot of fruit.

Friday we worked in the morning and then headed out for the afternoon.  We took a long walk along the bay and walked the kitties.  After that we went to the cidery for a few hours.  We went our own ways for dinner.  I went to House of Genji with Lindsay and Kevin.  It was really tasty and we had some great conversations.

Saturday Michael and I went to Panda Dumpling for lunch and then we walked the kitties again.  Then he tried to move into his summer place, but it needed some deep cleaning, so he came back and stayed the night with me again.

I enjoyed having Michael and look forward to having him around this summer.