I went back to Atlanta for Easter to spend time with family.  Stephanie stayed in the Bay Area.

I got in early Friday morning and my mom was nice enough to pick me up from the airport.  We got a great sunrise as we headed to their place, and the drive was pretty much traffic free.  I got a good nap in before heading downstairs to say hi to everyone.  Dad was up and Kim and Grace had come over.  Grace was a lot more interactive than the last time I saw her.  She was walking and able to make noises, but not quite words.  I gave her the early gift for her first birthday which was a brightly colored xylophone.

We then went to the botanical gardens, and walked around for a bit.  I talked to Kim for most of the time, and played with Grace some.  She gave me a nasty look when I pretended to take one of her Cheerios.  Jeff and Katie joined us for dinner.

The next morning mom and I headed to Birmingham to see Nana.  Mom was nice enough to drive the whole way.  I was glad to see Nana, and she seemed to be doing ok.  Coleman was moving around some, which is better than how he had been from what I’ve heard.  We had lunch there, which was a really tasty tomato and shrimp dish from Coleman.  On the drive home we stopped by the park where Steph and I are thinking of having a wedding celebration in the Southeast.  It was nice, and we couldn’t go to the exact building because there was currently a wedding going on in it.

The next day was Easter and everyone came over for a big lunch.  Benjamin came by and we got to talk a little about his plans to do a PhD in machine learning.  I pointed him to several good resources that I used for my first glimpses into it.  That evening I worked on a website for my dad, so that he could show off his guitars: http://geisertguitars.com.

the next morning mom dropped me off at the airport and I had an uneventful flight home.