This was an odd book.  The true account of a research experiment of three schizophrenic patients who believed themselves to be Christ/God.  They were put together for daily discussion sessions over the period of a little over 2 years.  This was one of the shortest discussions we’ve had on a book, and the person who wanted to read it originally didn’t show up to the meeting.

There were some major ethical issues with the research.  The biggest one in my opinion was when the researchers wrote letters to one of the men pretending to be his wife.  The man had never married and clearly had major problems around women.  The then manipulated him into doing things by having his wife ask him to do it.  They also had him wait around for the wife’s visits and had the wife write she was disappointed he didn’t show when he did show up and the wife didn’t show up.  It was a horrible situation.

There were plenty of other odd things they did, but nothing quite as bad as that.  It was a strange book, with a strange format.  I wouldn’t recommend it, but I would say reading the wikipedia on it is worthwhile.