I met Adam in Sunnyvale before heading to lunch at Sourdough Eatery in San Jose.  His promise of it being a strange and unique place wasn’t idle chatter.  The whole place was filled with paintings by the proprietor of pin up girls and ocean scenes.  There was also a fantastically friendly kitty that crawled into my lap and sat there for 2 hours while we ate and chatted.

Debby joined us, and after eating we went to the Egyptian Museum close to the Rose Garden in San Jose.  It was a pretty neat place to just sit around and work.  My computer ran out of power just as we were wrapping up.  Debby and I then went to BJJ and Andrew showed us some more moves.  I picked my bike up from Sunnyvale and joined people at George’s place.  We finally tried the Mysterium cards for Codenames.  It worked, but not great.  We then played some codenames pictures and had a few really fun rounds.  The best one was the last one with my clues being Liquid 4, Liquid 2, Liquid 2.  Adam made comments about the first clue that let me get away with it.