Stephanie, Adam, George, Tina, and I played some long games at George’s place.

We started out by making a fantastic brunch of bacon, eggs, bagels, mochi waffles, sausages, and oranges.  George did most of the cooking and the food was delicious.

The game we chose to play was Gloomhaven, and we played three rounds of it. We lost the first round, as everyone decided to take the difficulty up a notch.  The next two games I participated in, subbing in for George then Adam.  I had a good time playing, and the game can go very slowly if people take their time with turns and think through.  It is a slight flaw with the design, that there can be a lot to analyze.  We didn’t do great at refraining from that analysis.  The rules even recognize this, and say it should be avoided by talking about actions in vague terms.

After playing Lindsay and Kevin came over, and we sang some karaoke.  We also ordered in some pizza and Lindsay brought salads.  After karaoke we played two rounds of codenames pictures, and that went pretty quick and decently well.