Jeremy came over on Friday for the funemployed hang out session.  We tried to get some VR games up and running, but due to long download times at our place, it wasn’t going to be happening any time soon.  We decided with such a long period a boba break was in order.  We took his car to Teaspoon and got some drinks, then brought Steph some shaved ice.  She was working from home for the day.

Don went to Redwood Coast Cider, so I decided to join him.  Gabe was running the bar, so we had a few drinks and chatted.

Justin, a fraternity brother, and his wife came over on Friday.  They were driving to Oakland from L.A. and our place was on their way.  They came by and I thought the best plan would be to go to Devil’s Canyon.  The beer was ok, but we found an amazing food truck, only I didn’t remember which truck it was.  I’ll find it again.


We played some Codenames, and I think they enjoyed it.