I did an 80 hour fast this week from 11pm on Monday to 9am on Friday.  It wasn’t as hard as I was expecting, but it was uncomfortable in ways I didn’t.  I should have expected not being able to think as clearly, but it was more pronounced than I would have thought.  I also started getting light headed at times.  I started feeling sick in other ways and decided to stop.

During the fast I had black coffee, mint tea, diet coke, and lots of water.  I also took multivitamins and ate random pinches of salt.  I chose a time that wouldn’t mess with social engagements too much, although the time period did include a wedding celebration.  That wedding celebration was low key enough that I could avoid food with only one person wondering why.  In total I only had to mention it to 2 people, the one at the wedding and one that invited me to dinner.  I also told Steph.  I’d do it again, but maybe with more prep.

I broke my fast with my standard two scoops of chocolate protein powder mixed with half a scoop of instant coffee breakfast.  My stomach was ok with that, so I’ll try a bit more at lunch and maybe have pho for dinner.