This was a very contentious book.  I liked what it implied in the way of technology not changing the human condition of being superstitious and irrational.  The mirroring of the past and present was well done, and figuring out which bits were supposed to relate to each other was fun.  This did make the characters more of caricatures in many instances, so the people who didn’t really pick up on the mirroring hated the book with a passion.  To be fair I didn’t really pick up on the mirroring until the second read through.  There were also a lot of characters that were supposed to be irrational and portray the worst parts of human nature.  Those characters annoyed the hell out of most of the people who read the book.  There were also a few that got annoyed by the main characters because of their blind spots.  Another complaint was the trope of someone going unconscious just when they needed to do or say something.  This was a bit overused throughout the book.  The last complaint was the miss on technology, in that there were no cell phones.