On Sunday I dropped Stephanie off at the airport for her latest trip to China.  Then I went to Tina’s for long games day.  I had a good time playing with Jonathan in Feast for Odin.  I would have preferred to play Mage Knight, but it worked out that I could meet up with Lindsay, Kevin, Debby, and Andrew for dinner.  The Mage Knight game was only about 2/3 of the way through when I left.  I won Feast, but that wasn’t a bit surprise as I had played before and Jonathan was doing it for his first time.  He did really well, and saw the strategies I used and copied them.  That led to some blocking of spaces I wanted as we were trying to use most of the same actions.

At dinner we had some tasty Indian food.  I really enjoyed the Tandori Chicken, but it was more of skillet than clay pot.  We went to Lindsay’s afterward and Andrew had thought ahead and brought swim trunks for me to wear to the hot tub.  We talked about doing a movie night and I set up some methodology for deciding what to watch.