We went hiking with Steph’s coworkers and SO’s (Kaijen, Michael, Pete, and Julie).  We went up to Windy Hill, and thankfully this time there wasn’t rain.  We also started at the bottom, which was easier to get to as we didn’t have to drive on Old La Honda.  I hate that road, and usually drive further to get to La Honda so I don’t have to deal with the one lane, blind corners, and bikers everywhere.  The temperature was perfect, and there was lots of sun, which we were prepared for.  As per usual I was faster going uphill than most of the others, but much slower going downhill.  The knee brace I’ve been using helps a ton, but I’m still careful when going down.

After the hike we went to Rong’s place to watch Akira and My Neighbor Totoro with her and Riley.