The kitties have been doing really well.  I took them to get their teeth cleaned.  Lana had some issues that were cleaned up.  Archer was pretty good, just lots of plaque.  I’m brushing their teeth now, and they don’t mind it too much.

They have been very cute, and loving the shelves that I put in for them.  Archer has found a new favorite toy in a black stick.  Lana still loves the feather on a string.

They have also really been enjoying the tent that Lindsay gave us.  They spend a good third of their time in it when I’m working from home and they can wander in and out of it at will.  The piece of wood I cut is working out great for the tent entrance.  The kitties can’t get around it and it is very stable.  We can even leave it in when leaving the house, as the sliding glass door can close just over it.

Archer has been his usual social self, and has gotten lots of love from all of our friends.  Lana has come out and been nearby, but hasn’t interacted with anyone else in a meaningful manner.  They are so loving and are great kitties.