Tina organized a group of people to go to Almaden Mine trails and do some hiking.  We met up at a bagel shop and had breakfast before heading out.  It was blisteringly hot out, and bone dry.  I brought 3 liters and drank all of it before the hike was over.  We found some really nice wild blackberries.  Some of them were the sweetest berries I’ve ever had.  I got two handfuls and ate those along the trail.  We saw a number of deer while on the trail, a few of them mother-child pairs.  As we were about to start on the trial one deer came into the parking lot and drank from the horse trough, it was obviously nervous about us, but very thirsty.  Tina was funny with finding rocks that were unique so she could put them in her guest bath.  The rocks she found were pretty, admittedly.

After the hike we went to a pizza place and got some pizza, and a ton of cola to drink.  We were all pretty salty, and the next train for me was going to be an hour and a half so I went back to Tina and Amit’s place for a shower and some board games.  Tina and I did a 2 player Feast for Odin.  It was ok, I never really got my engine off the ground.  We then went to George’s for GoT.