Since I took it a little easy over the past two days I had enough time to make soup dumplings.  Since soup dumplings are almost always filled with pork, I decided to make some that Steph could have as well.  I made it all from scratch, which was a pretty good experience.  All in all there were 5 filling types: Pork, Mushroom, Potato, Mushroom + Potato, and Pork + Potato.  They were all delicious, but the ones with potato didn’t end up having any soup, since the potato just absorbed it all.  The dumplings were a ton of work, and we plan to have others over this weekend to make more.  We’ve got a lot of filling left, but no more wrappers.

The one pictured is the most photogenic of the dumplings we made, some weren’t so pretty.  We also got better at it as we went along.