Steph and I joined Adam and George for dinner at the Indian Street Cafe, then went over to George’s place to play the game Dead of Winter.

George ended up being the traitor, but when called out he got the reconciling card.  He did stab us at a really good moment, and only some quick checks confirmed that it was him who stabbed us.

I ended up getting a really good character that fed off of all the others abilities, and he also picked up a few blueprints so I was raking in the items, and at the same time building up a formidable group of characters.  I had 5 characters for a few turns and it was really fun.  I also had almost all the weapons, so I was killing tons of zombies, getting tons of items, and winning all sorts of ways.  Despite two crisis coming up that required drugs I was able to keep my drug horde and Steph covered for me.  Everyone ended up winning, even George.