My parents came in town for a weekend just to see me.  They were nice enough about not getting to see me during the day on Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday they got in and we walked around Google for a bit.  It was a nice walk, and pushed my dad a big.  It was the first time I had seen all the Android statues and also the first time I had ridden any of the Google bikes.  Steph was busy for dinner so we went to a nice Mexican restaurant near my place after my parents checked in.  They came over to my place and dropped me off, then had an interesting time getting back to their hotel.  The gps took them to Santa Clara instead of the 3 blocks to the correct spot.

We then went to Monterey in the Morning.  It was a nice drive up, and we got to talk a good bit.   Once we got there we went to the aquarium and had a very nice time going through all the exhibits.  I really liked the masses of small fish that they had in all the tanks.  It is mesmerizing to watch the fluctuations that they do together.  I would love to see more things like this, and maybe I should put it in some of the games I do.

We walked around downtown Monterrey for a bit and decided to head back for dinner.  We ended up just ordering ahead for some take-out chinese and going back to the hotel to watch the Oscars.  We played a round of Codenames and had a good bit of fun doing so.

Monday evening we had dinner at Scratch, which was quite nice.  Everyone was a bit late, so it didn’t matter particularly much.  The food was good, and to everyone’s liking.   It was a very nice second meeting for my parents and Stephanie’s parents.

The last time I saw my parents before they headed out was at lunch on Tuesday.  We ended up having a nice quite lunch at an Italian place nearby my work, mainly because the two places I wanted to take them had lines that would have taken 20-30 minutes.

I really enjoyed their visit, and it was perfectly timed with Steph having the martial arts seminars.