Steph and I joined Nick in his shared cabin for a weekend of skiing/snowboarding in Tahoe.  We went to Heavenly the first day and I sat out the second day when the two of them went to Kirkwood.  I really enjoyed most of the runs, but the traverses were terrible, and at one point I had to hike a couple hundred yards through powder, which wasn’t pleasant in the least.

A lot of other people we knew were there that weekend, including Andrew, Debby, Riley, Rong, and Adam.  Kevin and Lindsay also came to Tahoe, but they were staying in the casino and not on the slopes.  After the skiing we had dinner at Capisce? and it was pretty tasty.  Then we played a few rounds of Codenames and a lot of the triple wheel slot machine.  It was a good time all around.  I relaxed a lot on Sunday and got caught up with work.  I also got some more shelves for our kitchen.  I really enjoyed having the day to myself.