Steph and I went to her parent’s place to meet up with her family: Jeff, Patty, Elaine, Russel, Manfred, and Celine.  It was a really tasty meal, and I’m pretty sure we left with more food than we went there with.  It was nice chatting with her family and we ended up planning a trip to Peru because of the info they gave us with a 30% discount about on a travel package that was already a good deal.  We made some salad for the lunch, and it was really good.  We will certainly have to make more of it.

We then went to Andrew’s place for friendsgiving (not sure I like the term more or less than orphan thanksgiving).  This was for the people who were from further away and didn’t go home for the holiday.  I enjoyed the time and we ended up playing some Drawful, which was great.  I got the most likes on the first one and won the second.