It has been a while since I’ve posted, so I’m just going to cover all the boards games I’ve played here.  a few Thursdays ago I played a decent game of Lords of Vegas, and it was  fun time.  I ran up the price on Chris a number of times and he blocked me out a few times.  We both ended up losing pretty badly because of that, but it was fun.

I also got to play some Mage Knight.  This time it was actually with Steph.  She took all the advice I gave her, and she ran things pretty smoothly after that.  I took one shortcut in the game, I’ll admit so that I could get out of someone’s way that wanted to go to the village.  It would have been better for me to stay, but I moved out into a fight that technically couldn’t have happened the way it did.

We got to do a magic draft of the remaining Battle for Zendikar.  I had a pretty decent ally deck, but it wasn’t quite reliable enough to do really well.  The three color deck worked well when it hit, but many times it didn’t hit at all.  I had a great time playing it.

I got to play my first game of diplomacy.  Chris was England, Adam was Germany, Bryan was Austria/Hungary, Erik was Turkey, Wit was France, Cynthia was Russia, and I was Italy.  I didn’t get any good outs early game, but was able to inform on Bryan in mid game when he was about to stab Erik.  Erik and I then joined forces and he was nice enough to not stab me since I had informed him about Bryan.  He could have easily destroyed me, but I was holding the line against Wit and Chris.  The game drew to a close when Adam offered to let us take over all his territory for a joint victory of the three of us.  We decided it was fine, and we managed to corner wit in the Med at which point he and Chris surrendered.  Had the game gone on much longer it could easily have ended with a total victory for Turkey.  Below is a gif of the entire game.1