This was a fun bookclub week, and we had a hard time focusing on the book.  Everyone brought a snack food that was either mentioned in the book, or something they liked, or something from their childhood.  I brought the white cheddar cheezit’s since they fit all three categories.  We all sampled the things we wanted to, including the lunchables, cheetos, and gushers.  Archer kitty was very interested in the spread as well, and I had to hold him for a good bit of the discussion.

IMG_4163 IMG_4155

For much of the discussion he was just sitting and relaxing next to Liana.

There were a few heated points between David and Jeremy about the purpose of the book, and whether or not it should have been more harsh on the food industry in general.  Everyone agreed that all the anecdotal parts were really soft on the people involved, but I can really identify with them.  I’ve been feeling very much the same way as some of the people in this book about the company I work for.  We had a lot of interesting follow up books to go through as well, for those more interested in the subject.