The story in this was good, but there were a number of plot devices I didn’t like.  The first was the trope of the ‘Woman in the Refrigerator’.  This happens all over the series, with the female characters depowered to move the story arcs.  This was particularly bad when the old bard was able to choose how he died, while the woman of interest was hunted down and killed to get to him.  The book also had the unimportant characters die by the thousands, with the important characters miraculously living over and over again.  Many of the important characters were supernaturally powerful, so it isn’t that surprising, but it is still one of my pet peeves when going through these kinds of books.  Towards the end some major characters die, and it does even out in a way.  The magic system in the book was also somewhat underdeveloped.  There are small explanations of how it works, but I was hoping for something a bit more in depth.  I might be spoiled by some of Sanderson’s universes.

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