We joined Jason, and one of the guys that works at the same company as him, Nathan, on a backpacking trip to Sword Lake in the Sierras.

We started out from their company parking lot at about 3pm, and the going was pretty slow due to traffic.  We decided to stop in a little town called Sonora. We just happened to hit it on one of their town get together days.  The town was packed, and we had trouble finding a restaurant, but managed to get a table and some tasty food.  It took a lot longer than we were hoping, but eventually we got back on the road and made it to the camp ground a little before dark.  Fires were allowed in this park, so we had a really nice campfire that night, and a few beers.


We got up late the next morning, and got ready to head to the trailhead.  The hike in was really slow going, because we stopped for a photo shoot at a really nice view for about 30 minutes.  Then we stopped for lunch at a nice rock outcropping for probably an hour.  Then we climbed up a ridge next to the trail for another really nice view that we enjoyed for around 30 minutes more.  When we finally got to the lake it was gorgeous.  The rangers were walking around checking on permits, but it wasn’t all that crowded.  There were some ‘frat guys’ or so we assumed across the lake from us, but it wasn’t too bad.  We found a great campground in a grove of trees in a little depression in the rocky landscape.  We gathered wood and filtered some water.  I got in the lake, but didn’t go for a swim, since it was pretty cold.  It was probably in the mid 60’s so certainly swimmable, but not pleasant.  Nathan was the only one to get in all the way.  We hung out at the campground for a while after that, but I was getting a really bad caffeine headache.  I called it a night pretty early.  The hike out was pretty uneventful, and just as gorgeous as the hike in.  The drive back was uneventful as well, besides stopping for lunch at Sno White, a little diner with great milkshakes.

I really enjoyed it and would love to go back for a full day in the middle, or a day hike from the closer trailhead.  I’ll post pictures when I get them.