We had people over to our place for the fourth, since we miraculously got the pool house.  I was surprised since the cost of renting the pool house is only $25 for the day, and I checked on July 1 if July 4 was available.  The complex was pretty empty so I guess everyone must have been going to visit people elsewhere.

We had a ton of food, and people started arriving with more food.  Jeremy brought some amazing paneer kebabs over, and a great tasting asparagus to grill.  Amit and Tina brought over some of the best steak I’ve ever had, and Adam brought over some sausages.  Lindsay and Kevin brought a few salads, and Riley and Rong got some drinks.  We lounged by the pool, and eventually got in.  We also got a good bit of soak time in the hot tub.  I managed to core a pineapple without breaking through the bottom, and used that as a cup for the second half of the day.  It made me really happy that I was able to do that.

We played a few rounds of Hanabi, which is appropriate since the original theme of Hanabi is fireworks.  We happened to be playing with a drink themed version.

We split up to clean up, then met up at Amit’s place to head in for the Shoreline fireworks show.  We played Hanabi a few more times while waiting for the show to start.  Once it did we got a really great view through a window in the trees we were sitting under.  Stephanie had picked out just the right spot for the view.  We all headed back to the car and went our separate ways after that.