We had a nice long games day at Beachhead with Adam, Tina, Erik, Jeff, and myself.  We started off with some general laziness as we felt more like hanging out with each other and not thinking too hard than playing games.  We then somehow decided on Tzolk’in as the first game, but Jeff decided to just hang out with us and not play.  I did decently well, but Adam won the day with a huge come from behind victory.  I was playing as the character that could get any level 4 tech when teching up, and I had used it pretty substantially.

The next game we played was Galaxy Trucker.  I got a handicap after winning the first round, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage, especially since the handicap was meteoric inversion.  A few times while playing we got the space billiards card, which, when combined with the inversion made me a fantastic target, especially since I was winning.  The game went on like that and I managed to keep mostly intact.  The first round I took the rift ship, the second round was the toroid, and the third round Tina and I took the missing plans ship.  That final round was especially interesting since the missing plans ship ended up being three ships, a large one on the right and two small ones on the left.  We both somehow managed to make it back to port with all three ships, despite both me taking out the front half of Tina’s large ship and the constant barrage of inverted meteors taking out the back section of my ships so that I didn’t have any engines at the end.

After sitting around for a while we decided to watch some Archer, try for watching a downloaded version of the Avengers, but it was too low quality, and then ended up watching Ex Machina.  The movie was interesting, but not really my kind of movie.