We had a lot of people over to Beachhead and had a tasty potluck.  After eating, and drinking, we did each other’s makeup.

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Then we played the Newlywed Game.  This game is a series of questions where one person of a couple answers a question and the other guesses what that person guessed.  Steph and I had a lot of questions where we didn’t quite get the question, like where did you first meet.  We had a really good time, despite losing quite badly.  Andrew and Debby won with 21 points, Jeremy and Nori were close behind with 20.  Lindsay and Kevin as well as Haru and Allana were at about 17, with Steph and I at 14.  There were a number of hilarious answers, like Lindsay being a Dead/Withered flower in the morning.  Steph knowing I’d want a wooden tie.  Steph knew that the superpower of superman’s that I’d want was the ability to turn back time.