Steph and I went to Half Moon Bay, and made some glass pumpkins.  It was a really pretty area, and the shop was cute.  There wasn’t much else going on, but the making of the glass pumpkins in this glass shop, but they seemed to be able to produce quite a few.  They didn’t let you do too much of it yourself, which makes sense.  The whole shop was primarily set up for people who haven’t done any glass work before.  I decided to make an orange speckled one with a dark green stem.  Steph made a more artistic pumpkin that was a mix of all sorts of colors.  I look forward to seeing how they turned out after cooling.  We also stopped by the wine tasting right next door, and Steph tried a few of the wines.  I had a great time, but I’d want to have a bit more control if I were to do something like this again.

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