I had an adventure on Monday getting to Paint Nite.  I left work around 5:30 to get the train to Steph’s work and ride with her to the Paint Nite in San Jose.  As I was getting onto the train, the train attendant was saying that a crash had occurred at Menlo Park.  I got on anyway and found a seat in the bike car.  I pulled out my computer and pulled up the Caltrain twitter account and watched for any updates.  As we got to Milbrae some updates came in that the car was destroyed and the person was on their way to the hospital.  The part that worried me was that the train was said to be leaking.  The leaking train would mean that we weren’t going anywhere for a while.  We then made an unexpected stop in Hayward park instead of making it to Hillsdale.  I immediate found the nearest Zipcar, about 10 min away, and rented it for the evening.  I eventually found it, and had to call Zipcar support to get in, since I hadn’t planned on using zipcar and didn’t have my card on me.  There was an extra in the trunk that they gave me and I threw my bike in the back of the car.  I took 380 to 280 to 87 and made it to the event only a few minutes late, and luckily they hadn’t even started.

The paint nite was fun and I really enjoyed getting to do it with Jeff and Patty.  Steph did a great job on her painting and I got some complements from the artist on mine.  I saw a fellow former Chegg employee there and we chatted for a bit during the break.  I was pretty happy with the lower part of my painting where the sky was softer, and the tree had a girl jumping from a swing, a kitty, and two squirrels.  Steph put some pretty flowers on her tree, and Jeff did a redwood.

20150223_210526 20150223_210509 20150223_210503 20150223_202745 20150223_202715 20150223_202707 20150223_202657

Here are all the paintings I’ve done for Paint Nite so far.

20150301_120024 20150301_120015 20150301_120006 20150301_115953