Andrew hosted an Oscars and MTG night at his place.  Debby printed out Oscar brackets and we guessed who was going to win what Oscar.  I had some opinions on the major categories, but completely guessed at others.  Debby had a bit of an unfair advantage since she’d be listening to the gossip around who was expected to win, which led to her winning.  Surprisingly Andrew was behind her by only one correct guess (10 to 9).  I was at a respectable 7 correct, but not that respectable since many of them were random.  The one I got that was correct and purposefully chosen was the male lead in Theory of Everything.  Stephanie got a sad 2 correct, which is significantly worse than random guessing for the whole thing.  She made the mistake of only putting things down for the movies she had seen.  About a third of the way through the Oscars, the guys pulled out some MTG and did a draft of Khans and Fate.  It was a fun draft, and I won one out of my three matches.  The other matches were really close, and I was decently happy with the way my deck played.