The morning of my flight, my mom was nice enough to get up early, even for her, and drive me to the airport.  I got there a little before Stephanie, but by the time I went through security she was waiting and we had breakfast at the only open restaurant in the food court.  The flight was uneventful, and we made it to Belize.  After clearing customs there was a guy with a sign waiting for us at the airport.  We headed to Caves Branch and got there mid afternoon, at about the same time all the tours were coming in from the jungle.  We hung out in the room until dinner.  The dinner was much nicer than we were expecting and it was a full 3 course dinner.  There was a different 3 course dinner every night.  The first course was pasta, soup, salad, and cheeses.  The second course was the main course of fruits, and entrees.  Many of the entrees were vegetarian and vegan friendly with a side option of meat, cheese, and eggs.  There was also a delicious desert course every night.  The staff there was also amazing, being both friendly and helpful.  Chef Jay was fun, and reminded me strongly of Carlos, a friend from the fraternity, who was a  Chef.  We got to chat with some fun people and then called it a night early.