We got up to go cave tubing the first full day in Belize.  We had heard that the previous week all water activities had been canceled due to high water.  We got lucky and the water was just low enough for us to go through the river of caves.  We had a long and bumpy ride out to the river, which is on the Caves Branch property, and then we got ready to go.  The water was a bit cool, but not too bad.  The diving booties were perfect for the water.


We started on the first cave and I was very surprised at how far it went.  I was also surprised when there was a loud popping sounds at the very beginning as one of the guides had the extra tube pop on a sharp rock.  We were in the first cave for a good 45 minutes.  The light was too low for the GoPro to really pick up the larger sections of the cave, but in the tighter sections, and where there were cave in windows we could get a good video.

There were a good number of bats in the caves, and we could see them flying around when we woke them with the headlamps.  We got through the first two caves, and had the option to stop there for lunch.  We declined and had to hike through the jungle for a little bit to get to the next cave.  Once there the guide told us to keep our lights off and do the cave in the dark, since it was a slow cave that was also deep, so nothing to worry about.

When we exited the dark cave, there was a massive group of people on the side of the river.  This was where the cruises would bring their guests and have them go through the last two caves.  This made it a little harder for us since we had to deal with cruise passenger tube flotillas.  The tubes they were on were connected together making large rafts of 12 to 16 people, and it was impossible to get around them.  At a few points these rafts got between us and we just had to deal with it.  Not too long after that we got to the end of the cave and had lunch.

As amazing as breakfast and dinner were, lunch was simple.  There were tortillas with veggies, cheese, and lunch meats.  The food was filling, healthy, but not all that tasty.  We got to chat with the other guests a good bit and made quick friends.  It seemed like the Caves Branch attracted a certain kind of person, which was the kind of person Steph and I get along with very well.