For games night I played Wealth of Nations with Tina, Chris, Iliya, Yanika, and one of Yanika’s friends.  I chose the capital start, and was able to build 2 more capital buildings in the first turn to get an efficient 6 production.  I then focused on building banks, and was able to get that going.  I made some mistakes that cost me the game, but it wasn’t that bad.  I also helped out Yanika in her planning and trading.  She didn’t really understand how the game worked, and didn’t do all that well because of it.  Tina held back at the start, then really ramped up in the late game.  She got way ahead with some ruthless trading, and won by half a point over me.  I really enjoyed the game, especially since I didn’t want to play a game that involved much chance.  Early on Chris left to go help out Rachel, and Adam took his spot on the board.