Steph and I went to Brian’s place for a long games day.  We met there with Adam, Chris, Nick, Tina, and Jeff.  Adam, Chris, Brian, and Nick decided to play a longer game called High Frontier.  I decided to play Glory to Rome and the others joined me.  I was able to control the ending of the first game, which was needed since Steph made an amazing engine, that nobody could go against.  I was barely able to end it before she could use it.  I ended up winning that game.  We played again, and Tina got out ahead and stayed there.  I wasn’t able to finish any buildings so I stagnated at the start.  I was able to get a good bit into my vault so I did get second, but Tina won by a good margin.  We then played Fire of London, and Steph won that game by a good bit.  Then we played Get Lucky! and after a few rounds of that we headed out.  The end of Get Lucky! was a little too unpredictable for me.