I had a good time at PAX Prime.  We spent most of our time on the floor at the Indie Megabooth as well as the PAX 10 booth.  These are mainly the indie games, which are the games doing the interesting things.  I really liked the games we played, although some were not well done.  The ones that weren’t well done were at least pretty.  The puzzle games I found to be a little simple, but I can’t expect too much out of them, especially in the demo.  I look forward to playing a number of them when they come out, and I need to buy a few now.

Steph and I went to a few panels about Kickstareter and indies.  They were pretty good, but we left the Kickstarter one early since it was pretty much the same as the PAX Dev one.

Steph and I also took Sunday morning off, and walked around the Aboretum in Seattle.  It was very peaceful and relaxing, especially after the people and noise of PAX.

I had some delicious food from Piroshky Piroshky to How to Cook a Wolf.  I also got to play some Super Fight with the Google Games Services team, as well as some MTG Drafting.

The early morning flight out was a little rough, but not too bad.