This was an interesting book.  The focus is on the history of the texts and not as much on the content of those texts.  The history of thought on all of these texts seems to be a movement from infallible single source, to a scientific view of being an amalgamation.  This is especially true of the old testament.  The most interesting part was the section on the Koran.  The source is the most infallible, but it is still slightly questioned by recent findings of the oldest known versions that have slight changes.  It is only a few words, but it would make the complete infallibility of the text questionable.  There is also an interesting part in this section about the views of the Koran on Jesus and other prophets.  With the way the texts have been shown to be amalgamations the view of the other prophets is very appropriate.  I also really enjoyed the section on Baha’i.  My personal world view is still most closely related to this religion, but there are too many fundamental differences for me to claim to be Baha’i.

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