In the morning we went to see Steph’s Cousin and had lunch at a cute place that had good food.  They caught up on all sorts of stuff, and I chimed in a bit.  We then met up with everyone else where we found out that the flight had been delayed 3 hours.  I was ready to get there, but we stopped of for some food first at a cheese steak place.  The cheese steaks were delicious and we then went to wait at the terminal.  The flight continued to get delayed, and a flight to SFO that was originally scheduled after us left.  We shortly thereafter got the news that our flight had been cancelled.  This was very annoying since, had we chosen to drive, we would have just been arriving back in SF.  Amit and Steph were nice enough to drive us back, and I tried to get as much sleep as possible, but the car wasn’t particularly comfortable for it.