Steph, Tina, Ilia, Amit, and I went to San Diego for Jimmy’s wedding.  The alarm I set was also set for weekdays only so it didn’t go off when we needed it to.  We got a call from Tina and had to rush over to get there.  On the drive to the airport it got super foggy and we realized that there would likely be delays anyway so there wasn’t as much of a rush.  Sure enough when we got there they had delayed the flight because “Well, look out the window.”  Tina was amazing and brought some Izzy’s bagels for everyone.  They were as usual very tasty.  I’m been resisting the urge to go over and get a half dozen, since Izzy’s is only a half block from my place.  We got in and went to get the rental car, with Steph doing the 1.5 hour drive to the hotel.  We stopped off for some lunch on the way at a place that did potato and fried chicken burritos.  They were very different from any burritos I’d had before.  I would more call them wraps than burritos since there wasn’t much in the way of rice or beans in the one I had.  It was still very tasty with the potatoes as hash browns.  I grabbed some cards at the cvs, which was good since the rooms at the hotel weren’t ready for us when we got there.  We spent about an hour playing some open faced Chinese poker.  I ended up a good bit, and had some good probabilities of monster hands that didn’t work out in the last couple hands.

IMG_0816[1] IMG_0811[1]